Push-Ups 4 Charity


The “Tour”

1.000.000 enthusiastic people supporting the project and 1.000.000 push-ups also mean:

2,740 people / day to reach and inspire
2.740 push-ups / day to make

… Puhhh – that’s quite a lot! And in order to be able to accomplish this quantity, one of the ideas is that I simply do the push-ups EVERYWHERE – in the train, in the office, on vacation, in the airplane, at the motorway service area, under the Christmas tree, etc.

But not only where I am anyway, but as often as possible in places where I can reach many people:

  • before festivals and other music and art events
  • at sights
  • at universities and in companies
  • in sports clubs and at sports events
  • in unusual places – etc.

What do you mean? What do you think? Which additional challenge would you like to give me or what can I do to get you to support the action yourself?

You suggest – I lead. Be creative. Use me ☺ (this can also be misunderstood 😀 … you know what I mean). Let me know where you’d like to see, where I do my day units and maybe even support you with them?

I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!
Until then I will use the first 3 weeks of my vacation to start the project – and just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean that I’m “push-up free” – Mecklenburg Lake District, USA/Miami & Mexico are the first stops where I’ll be at exciting places.

When do we meet where?

Join in