Push-Ups 4 Charity

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Pushups meets Walking Tour – check it out. Free of charge. Rich in content and with a lot of experience!
When: 09.02., 15.03., 19.04., 17.05.
Where: Aachener Weiher

Who is the community? And how do I become a part of it?

If you participate in the overall project within the campaign period by actively participating and supporting it, you will be accepted into the “PU4C – One Million Reasons” community and will be entitled to vote and make recommendations.

Through your personal recommendations of social projects you have the opportunity to nominate a social project of your choice to receive 1/10 of the total amount donated as support at the end of the project period. Of course, you can also vote for your project at the end of the period – or choose one of the other nominated projects.

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