Push-Ups 4 Charity


Questions & Answers

How does the nomination and the choice of social projects proceed?

Nominations are made via the Facebook platform in a closed group specially set up for this purpose, to which only members who are actively involved in shaping the success of the overall project are admitted.

All proposals submitted by members of this group in the respective calendar month will be submitted at the end of each month to vote for the community. This votes then in a voting round, which is accomplished on the last 5 days of the respective month (on-line vote) over it. The two projects with the most votes go into a winner pool. From this “winner pool” the 8 projects will be determined at the end of the year, which will each receive 1/10 of the total donation amount.

What does “active participation” mean?

In principle, everyone has the opportunity to become an active co-designer through a “nomination process”. This idea envisages the following 3 steps:

1.) Become nominated (or nominate someone yourself) to participate in “PU4C” by doing so many push-ups within 45 seconds and have yourself filmed (also in cool places, because you always have your body with you ?).

The nominee assures the nominee to donate a certain amount XY to the project “PU4C” – e.g. per completed push-up 1,-€ or a lump sum of a freely chosen amount (at least 1,-€, at PayPal at least 1,40€ (the 40 Cent receives the needy company PayPal ? – and after the task is completed the nominator is invited to keep his promise).

2.) Post and share the video on your channels with the #PushUps4Charity and link the homepage “pushups4charity.de”

3.) Now nominate people yourself, who you think would like and enjoy to carry on the idea of “PU4C” and contribute to the overall success – and have the chance to push their own project.

Otherwise, the team around “PU4C” will of course include all other supporters in the community on request – if push-ups are not possible due to health reasons, we will find another solution if you want to become part of this community. Write us gladly to ☺

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